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10 Fast Facts About Concrete Contractors

Today, it is difficult to imagine modern life without concrete. Thanks to its incredible strength and versatility. This is a manmade material that is used to build everything starting from super high ways to the kitchen countertops. But are you aware of the fact that people have been using concrete since ancient times? Today the concrete contractors are extremely popular because concrete is today the world’s most popular man-made building product. As many as 7 billion cubic meters of concrete is produced each year. There are many concrete contractors available throughout the world.

Concrete Is The Most Popular Building Material Across The World

It might not be a big surprise to find out that concrete is widely used and in fact it is used more than any other material. This is because the aggregates and the water that are used to create concrete are available everywhere.

Concrete And Cement Contractors Are Not The Same

If you say that concrete and cement are identical, it is like saying that flour and cake is the same. You need to know here that only about 60% to 65% is made of an aggregate such as gravel or sand and 15 to 20% is water.

Ancient Romans Perfected Concrete And It Stands Strong Even Today

Concrete was formed naturally in Israel a million years ago and the ancient Egyptians used a type of concrete in the pyramids at Giza. But it was the romans who captured the knack of concrete.

Portland Cement Is Named After The Limestone Of A Similar Color

It was developed in the year 1824 and this cement is mostly used as an aggregate for concrete.

Concrete Was Also Used To Detect The Enemy Air Craft During The Second World War

The remarkably concrete “sound mirrors” were used at the beginning of the second world war so as to provide an early warning of the approaching air craft.

High Compression Strength

Concrete mostly reaches between 3000 and 7000 psi though it can reach up to 20000 psi. When it is reinforced with steel, it becomes all the more sturdy and rigid.

Concrete Was Named By The Romans

The word concrete comes from the Latin word, “ Concretus” which, if translated means “ grow together.”

Concrete Is Used For The Motorway Bridges And The High Raise Buildings

Most of the motorway bridges use concrete for the decks, because they are easier to maintain and are also less expensive in comparison to steel. It is used in the construction of the high rise buildings. The tallest concrete structure in the world is the Trump International hotel and tower that stands at 423 meters.

Concrete Keeps Strengthening Since Decades

After 4 weeks concrete reaches almost about 90% of the final strength. But it continues to strengthen for decades after wards. This happens when the calcium hydroxide gets converted into calcium carbonate due to the absorption of carbon dioxide over time. There are also some bacteria that help in strengthening concrete.

It Took About 16 Million Cubic Meters Of Cement To Manufacture The World’s Largest Dam

The three Gorges dam located in the Hubei province of China is the largest concrete pour in a single project. During the entire 17 years of the construction time, as many as one million cubic meters of cement was used per year.

Thus, it is quite clear that concrete is one of the best building materials and that is the reason why the demand for the concrete contractors is also increasing rapidly.

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