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9 Question You Need to Ask a Concrete Contractor Before Hiring Them

Irrespective of any kind of renovation project, it is necessary to understand the background or the expertise of a potential candidate so as to understand if they are suited to fulfill your needs. Initially, you might feel that hiring the services of a concrete contractor is easy, however, after some time; you will realize how important it is for you to find out whom they are and what are the services that they provide. Reviewing their previous work is also crucial. This is to ensure that you are hiring the services of the right company to do the job.

Here is a list of the 9 questions that you need to ask a concrete contractor before hiring their services:

How Much Experience Do They Have? What Is The Type Of Projects That They Have Completed Before?

It is true that you can look out for the reviews of the different local contractors in the different websites, but once you meet the potential contractor, do not be shy about interviewing him so as to make sure that this company is a good match for your project.

Do You Have A Portfolio Of The Pictures Of Your Previous Work?

There are many contractors, who will be able to show the pictures of their previous work on their phones before you meet with them in person. There might even be some who have a website with a digital portfolio for you to check out. Some of them might even have a website with a digital portfolio so that you can check out.

Can You Provide References?

If the contractor does not have pictures of the previous work, this can be considered to be a great follow up question. In case your potential customer is hesitant to offer you the relevant contact information for the past clients, you may want to find out an individual who is proud of the work that he has done and boasts of his previously satisfied clients.

What Kind Of A Schedule Do You Have? How Soon Can You Start My Project?

There is a high possibility that if they are good at what they do, they will have a busy schedule. If you have a good turnaround time, make sure that the contractor, you select are able to meet your expectations.

How Long Will My Protect Take To Complete?

Small projects like driveways, will take about 2 or 3 days. The more extensive projects like the concrete walls, concrete counters, commercial sidewalks around a property and others might take a little longer.

Do You Need Permits For My Project?

If the contractor you hire does not have enough knowledge about the permitting process and does not know what are the permits that would be required for the project, there is a high possibility that he does not have the required experience.

How Do You Prefer To Communicate With Your Clients?

Email, phone, WhatsApp – It is essential for you to know how, where and when can you expect communication from your construction contractor. Additionally, you should also let him know how often you need updates.

Will You Managing The Project Yourself Or Someone Else Will Be Doing It For You?

It is important o know how many people you can expect to be on your property, when the concrete finishers will be there, who will be the one to take charge of managing the project.

How To Protect Yourself On The Job?

It is important to ensure that all the concrete finishers who are involved in the project are well-trained and experienced with safe work practices. Also, you should find out if they are insured to cover on-the-job accidents that might occur so as to avoid additional expenses on your part.

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