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What Are the Common Sidewalk Violations?

sidewalk violation removal Contractor New York

The Department of Transportation (DOT) takes care of the significant aspects of the roads and travel, including the sidewalks. Their expert team performs routine inspections to ensure everything is per the code in storefronts, buildings, and other locals. If your sidewalk is defective, the DOT will issue a violation notice. Hire a concrete repair contractor in New York for violation removal.

From minor angles to major collapses, sidewalk violations can occur in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You won’t be asked to pay a fine for it; however, you must hire a concrete contractor for sidewalk violation removal in Queens, NYOtherwise, the DOT might do the repair work and send you the bill.

We bring the top six signs that indicate sidewalk violations and should be removed immediately:

  • Collapsed Sidewalk

If your sidewalk dips, falls, or breaks down, you need to hire a concrete repair contractor in New York to fix the collapsed sidewalk. This issue is generally faced by raised sidewalks such as ramps or staircases.

  • Trip Hazard

If your sidewalk is not properly leveled, it falls under the sidewalk violation category. Even if one section of sidewalks has a slight raise or lip, adequate enough to cause the walkers to stumble or trip, it’s a violation.

The contractor will remove this sidewalk violation by laying grout on a slight slope to bridge the gap and ensure a smoother walkway. They might also decide to install new concrete.

  • Hardware Trip Hazard

It is similar to a trip hazard; however, it results from the hardware of physical objects protruding from the sidewalk. It can be due to the exposure of old equipment pieces or leftover construction materials by erosion or weathering. Irrespective of the cause, it can cause the sidewalk fails a DOT inspection.

  • Tree Roots 

Have you planted a tree too close to the sidewalk? You might soon find its roots tearing, ripping up, and reclaiming your sidewalk. It’s a violation.

  • Improper Sloping

Does the water rush down your sidewalk like a river during the rain? It can be due to improper slope. You must always ensure that your sidewalk is properly leveled to avoid violation notice.

  • Potholes and Other Defects

Sidewalks should be free from potholes and other patch defects. Failure to do this can lead the DOT to issue you a violation notice.

  • Chipped and Cracked Sidewalks

A sidewalk with chipped edges or cracked surfaces falls under the sidewalk violation category. It poses a health and safety risk.

Wrapping Up

If your sidewalk falls under any category shared above, it’s a violation. You can be charged a hefty bill and might also need to face a potential slip and lawsuit. Hire a sidewalk violation removal contractor to address the issue. They will repair or install new concrete as per the New York City Building Department.

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