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What Is A Sidewalk Violation And How To Recover It?

Sidewalk violations are a series of defects and damages around a sidewalk that makes it difficult to use. For every sidewalk that leads to a public road or private property, certain rules and regulations are guiding its construction, use, and maintenance. If for any reason, any of these guidelines get contravened, a sidewalk violation is said to have taken place. In this article, we will discuss the types of sidewalk violations and how to ensure concrete violation removal Bronx NY.

Types of Forms of Sidewalk Violations

Chipped Sides

A sidewalk with chipped sides is a violation as the sidewalk poses a health risk. People walking on the sidewalk could strike their feet against the chipped sides and injure themselves.

Cracked Slabs

This is another common type of sidewalk violation. The cracked slab is usually caused by the use of poor-quality concrete in the construction of the slab. Long and extreme usage of the slab can also lead to its cracking. A sidewalk with a cracked slab is a violation as it poses health hazards. The slab could give way under pressure and cause serious injury or death in extreme cases.

Exposed Sewer Covers or Metal Inlets

Sewer manholes and drain mains are to be constructed seamlessly against the sidewalk. If for any reason, they raise above the sidewalk, it is a violation as it could lead to passersby tripping and falling on the sidewalk.

Irregular Tile Placement

The failure of the contractor to place the slabs properly and ensure that the tiles are properly arranged could lead to some tile edges showing. This is another violation because the tile edges can trip passersby and injure them.

Tree Growth on the Sidewalk

Sometimes, trees grow and the roots shoot up from beneath the sidewalk, damaging the sidewalk and causing some of the violations. This makes it a violation in itself. If you have any of these defects on your sidewalk, you will receive a notice from the Department of Transport urging you to repair the violations within 75 days. After 75 days, if the sidewalk remains the same, employees from the Department will handle the repair and charge you for the cost.


Getting a notice of sidewalk violation is very common. You can either get the employees from the Department of Transport to repair the sidewalk and you pay accordingly, or you save cost by working with an experienced contractor to ensure the sidewalk concrete violation removal Bronx NY.


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